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I am passionate about my work and the quality of the experience that I offer to my clients. This is reflected in the amazing feedback that I have received from many of my previous and regular clients.

My clients come from a wide range of professions, from builders and plumbers, teachers and dancers, to professional sportspeople and writers! My youngest client has been 22 and my oldest is 95!

If you want to explore how you can expand your own experience of sexuality or embodied spirituality, then this may be for you!


What Clients Have Said After Receiving My Devotional Tantra Massage


“I thoroughly enjoyed the session Harmony and absolutely enjoyed slipping into your world 🌎 for a few hours. I found it to be peaceful, exciting, sensual and very sexual.

I can think of nothing better than leaving the trauma and trials of everyday life for a few hours. I have since been feeling happy, content, and full of energy.

I am looking forward to seeing you again and going it a bit further with you, taking on my fears and hopefully enjoying even more pleasures going forward.

I certainly feel I can open up and be honest with you now.”

Red Rose

 “I think you could see that this proved a very relaxing experience. I had been building up a lot of tension over a very long and, for a variety of reasons, difficult period of time. 

You have great sensitivity both physically and emotionally. You could see the areas of tension and were able to ease them away.

I do need to take more care of my health and wellbeing: body, mind and spirit. This was a revelation. 

Re-connecting with my sexual being was a beautiful part of the experience.”

Red Rose

“It’s made a positive difference already.

The session was great and as normal, always happy to be taken out of this world for a few hours. Even more pleasing is that I felt relaxed and happy in your hands throughout the treatment, and which should now give me the confidence to return again knowing that I can enjoy the whole experience from start to finish without worrying about having a lingam massage as has been the case for me.

I think this will help me to move forward from my sexual trauma and continue my journey through the wonders of Tantric massage enjoying the relaxation, the sexual energy and the power of healing.”

Red Rose

“All well with me and I went to sleep last night with a smile on my face!  I will be in touch again to arrange another session, probably after the summer, to take things further.”

Red Rose

“I’ve never really explored my sensual side so after my visit to you, I felt totally energised and had a bit more of a calmer approach to ‘stuff’.  What I do know though is that I have barely even scratched the surface so to speak, and I know there’s so much more within us that I can’t quite access through normal everyday 9/5 working etc.”

Red Rose

“She uses this combination of specialities for the benefit of her clients who need to talk about sex, body confidence and intimacy-related issues, in an environment that is healthy, fun, transformative and most of all, safe and non-judgemental.”

Red Rose

“I’m feeling great, still have a lot of energy coming out of my body, it’s coming in waves.

And hope to come soon to the next session” 😊  

Red Rose

“You gave me the best massage I ever had in my life 🙏

Red Rose

“You make my body sing!”

Red Rose

“Everything about my session with Harmony met or exceeded my expectations. Harmony was so warm and friendly at all times and I felt fully secure and cared for. The preparations leading up to the massage increased a sense of connection and enabled me to open up.

Harmony conducted the massage in such a professional and sensitive manner, tuning in to my body and needs. This enabled me to let go and receive, leading to a state of bliss. I felt strongly energised yet peace and contentment all at the same time. Wonderful does not do justice to this precious time.”

Red Rose

“It was overall a deeply relaxing, sensual and positive massage! I felt quite at peace and actually whilst I was reflecting and allowing my mind to wander around different moments, I experienced a strong reaction in my Lingham and I took a bit of time to admire and appreciate it without any want or need to indulge in self-pleasure, that was quite nice.”

Red Rose

“In terms of insight there were parts of the bodywork that were intimate and sensual and as we talked about there, is often this brain versus sensation battle within me, and I know it is something I need to work on. However, there was no frustration associated with this within this setting.”

Red Rose

“I experienced…recentering myself and giving me a space to relax and breathe.”

Red Rose

“Thankyou so so much for your work. Why is this not available on the NHS? How do people get by without it?!”

(Following transformational bodywork and coaching for women)
Red Rose

“Thanks for a great session yesterday, it was really insightful and interesting.  I learned a lot about myself from the clothes-on touch exercise, and I would be interested in taking it further if that is possible.”

Red Rose

“The biggest insight I took was the reaction of my body to having hands placed on certain parts.  The way my body started convulsing, after the feeling of energy shooting up towards my chest and my head, was unexpected.  I have experienced something similar in Reiki sessions, but I wasn’t expecting it from the simple laying on of hands.  It seemed as though the body was releasing something, not sure what.”

Red Rose

“Hi Harmony,  I really enjoyed the visit and since then, I have felt an inner satisfaction and calmness. I really enjoyed the body work, especially you touching me all over.”

Red Rose

“Being touched felt amazing. Like I was valued.”

Red Rose

“I don’t have words to describe my experience as it was beyond words.”

Red Rose

“Many thanks for a beautiful session, I’m still integrating the experience but I feel like I took a lot from it.”

Red Rose

“What I received from my session…

  • Feeling safe, your encouragement, your touch, your closeness.
  • That it is OK to touch myself
  • My confidence is increasing and I love the intimate touch”
Red Rose

“Wanted to say a big thankyou for making me feel so comfortable in my body, I really enjoyed the level of heldness and safety I felt throughout the session, it made me feel all of my body was welcome and included and I really appreciated that and that feeling has continued.”

Red Rose

“All in all it was a very positive and body affirming experience.”

Red Rose

“I loved how much you care, how welcoming you are of whatever is arising and open you are to direction. I loved the meditation and the spaciousness. I really appreciated how much you celebrated my needs and desires. I love how you chose to dress for the experience, it felt really wonderful and intentional and inspiring. I love the care of music, lighting and smells, which created a magical and contained experience for me.”

Red Rose

“I appreciated how you were able to laugh with me and not shut it down in anyway and enforce a kind of seriousness, this is my highest priority – that laughter is welcome even when it’s absurd.”

Red Rose

“Just a profound thank you for the work you’re doing and the love you do it with.”

Red Rose

“I must start by saying you were very welcoming. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you because you were so caring, helpful and thoughtful. As for the massage I found your touch was fantastic…”

Red Rose

It was such a treat to be heard, and to receive the touch. It felt as if it was a complete experience. I had such a nice sense of lightness, and still have that feeling in my body. I was impressed by how you managed the experience, it was all handled with knowing and confidence, which transmitted clearly to me. So it was a safe space to be in and simply absorb, listen and feel.

Many thanks for your attention and the grace with which you work. I gained much respect for you. There is much I take away which I can bring to the issues I deal with.”

Red Rose

What Clients Have Said After Receiving a Couples Session


“From my perspective, I’d like to thank you for providing us with exactly what we were looking for. As I tried to explain after the session, we were not entirely sure what it was we were seeking but we definitely found it!

I felt very at ease in your presence and was extremely grateful that you had taken the time to plan out a session tailored to our needs.

The explanation for the session was clear so I knew exactly what lay ahead of us.

I certainly did not feel uneasy taking my clothes off and definitely do not regret any of it!

We talked about the session and what we’d learnt from it afterwards and whilst I don’t speak for Helen, we both felt it to be an incredible experience.”

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