Devotional Tantra Massage

Is Devotional Tantra Massage Right For You?

Devotional Tantra Massage could be for you if you recognise yourself in one or more of the following...

  • You are at a crossroads in your life and are looking for a pointer
  • You enjoy the freedom of being naked
  • You don’t want to be ‘medicalised’ for any emotional or sexual challenges you have but to be met with love, compassion, honour and the chance to be YOU more fully
  • You want to explore what else is out there in life
  • You are experiencing anxiety or low moods and would like a boost
  • You love the idea of being honoured and celebrated as a man or woman
  • You find it difficult to relax, and stress or overwhelm is a feature in your life
  • You are experiencing low libido and want your mojo back
  • ‘Failed relationships’ have left you hiding in your work or other distractions. You are longing to start dating but have little or no confidence to get started
  • You have come to the end of a long term relationship and are seeking new vistas
  • You are so busy with work and/or family that it’s hard to take a break but you perform better when you take downtime

  • You are in a long-term relationship and the sexual side has become predictable, boring or non existent
  • You are used to sorting things out in your own head, maybe even lone-wolfing it, but you can’t make the transition you need and want at this time
  • You feel embarrassed about your body, comparing yourself to other men or women and feeling less than
  • You are interested in the journey as well as the destination
  • You may have been successful or wildly economically successful in your career life but have challenges with love and intimacy
  • You want to upgrade your sex life and become a master lover in both sex and intimacy
  • If you are a man, you may be focused on ‘doing and giving’ to your partner and want to learn about pleasure for you
  • You are seeking your thing and looking for doorways to open
  • You feel like you want something to centre and focus you for this next stage of your life
  • Your partners, wives, husbands complain you are not really bringing what they need in the bedroom
  • You orgasm or climax before your partner and then go to sleep and then feel dissatisfied with the experience, or with them!
  • You watch porn even when you don’t want to, and use masturbation as a form of release and relaxation rather than self-pleasure
  • You have heard of multiple orgasms and full body orgasms and want to know more
  • You are on spiritual journey but so far, your sexual part has been ignored or rejected
  • You feel a pull between your creative and analytical side
  • Most of all you, are open to learn, grow and change

This Massage is NOT for you if...


  • You are looking for a “happy ending” service. Nothing wrong with that but it’s not what I offer and to be honest you could pay less for that!
  • You are not open to learn, grow and change
  • You want a mutual touch experience, as my work is one-way touch from me to you
  • You are clear that you are not willing to address intimacy issues with your partner either now or in the future

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It’s really important, when choosing someone to work with in the area of sacred sexuality, coaching or bodywork, to find a practitioner that’s a really good fit for you, so you can fully relax into the process, knowing that you will be safe in your true and authentic self and able to express the parts of you that are wanting to be explored.

If we’ve not met before, or even if we have, I invite you to schedule a free 20 minute consultancy call with me to discuss your personal circumstances and feel into whether we are a good fit to work together. If you want more information about me first then click here…

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I strongly recommend that before booking your call you read the FAQ Page and “Is It Right For You?”  page.

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