Devotional Tantra Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Devotional Tantra Massage for?

Devotional Tantra massage is for adults of all ages, body shapes and sexual orientations. I also recognise that there are clients who do not identify as man or woman, possibly identifying as transgender, non-binary or gender fluid. I believe that everyone can benefit from this unique experience. I do not judge or discriminate, and the massage is always specifically tailored for you and your own positive intentions as the client.

I also welcome adults with physical challenges or limitations and can work on a soft mattress on the floor rather than a massage couch if this offers greater ease and comfort for the client.

Some health conditions and medications are not compatible with the sessions I offer. In care for your overall well-being, I will ask you questions regarding your health in advance of booking a session.

What ages and types of people come to you for this massage?

People often ask me: “How old do I need to be to experience a massage with you? Am I too old or too young?” And the answers is that everyone who is 18 or over is welcome to apply. My youngest client so far has been 22 and my oldest is 96.

People also ask about what sorts of people come to me. My clients come from a wide range of professions, from builders and plumbers, teachers and dancers, to professional sportspeople and writers!

So all are welcome, just bring your self, your body and an open heart!

Is Devotional Tantra Massage Right For Me?

If you are still wondering whether the massage is right for you, check this out…  ‘Is Devotional Tantra Massage Right For You?’

What benefits can I expect?

This massage experience is perfect for building body self confidence, releasing tension and stress plus keeping your body super alive, and sexually vibrant.

By feeling safe in my care, building trust in your own body and learning the tools of Tantra, this keeps your body sexually awakened. It’s not all about excitement but also learning how to be with ‘what is’ and cultivate more of what you want in your life.

Do I have to take all my clothes off?

My suggestion is to remove all clothes as this allows the free flow of movement within the massage and opening of the full body to pleasure. However, you are always in choice and I work within your own level of comfort in the moment.

I provide a sarong (a large piece of cotton material used to wrap around the body) and we then utilise this to maintain modesty as required.

I will be wearing a sarong throughout the session as part of the devotional nature of this massage.

To enable you and your body to feel warm and to support relaxation, the room is cosy, the oil is warm, and the massage table is heated.

Is there mutual touch? Are we all naked?

Touch is one-way from practitioner to client, giver to receiver. I encourage you to enjoy the opportunity to receive the experience without any pressure or expectation to offer anything in return.

I am aware that many of my clients spend a lot of time taking care of or supporting other people, families, friends, relatives, work colleagues. I suggest you give yourself the luxury of ‘me time’ and focus on the sensations within your own body without trying to give pleasure back or distract yourself by giving attention to the massage giver.

This approach creates space for what makes YOU feel good, what brings pleasure to YOUR body and how it really feels FOR YOU. This focus on pleasure or ‘good’ feelings and sensations can shed new light on what you may like to ask for in future sexual experiences and allow you to access other aspects of your being for health and healing.

Although you are welcome to be as naked as you feel comfortable, I will wear a sarong throughout the session in line with sacred Tantric Devotional rituals. There are no exceptions to this.​

What if I become aroused or get an that OK?

In all of my sessions, your arousal and erotic energy is celebrated and encouraged within the container and boundaries that we agree upon at the beginning of your session. Likewise, if you become deeply relaxed and not at all aroused then this is welcome too. This is YOUR session for your body to respond as your body needs to, without pressure or expectation.

Your intention for each session is thoroughly discussed and consented to by both the client and the practitioner and once this has been decided, any further requests are shelved for discussion at future sessions.

This helps to protect both parties and leaves less room for misunderstanding or non-consensual activities to occur.

What do I need to bring?

You don’t need to bring anything, but if you would like to bring your own towel or wrap-around/sarong, please do so.

I request that you arrive clean and freshly showered, and if possible, please refrain from using strong smelling perfumes, after-shave, or cosmetic products.

Please allow time for parking and aim to arrive on time, certainly not more than 5 minutes early as I do not have a waiting area.

I suggest that you bring a bottle of water, especially to rehydrate yourself following the session.

I recommend some down time after your session to integrate your experience prior to going to your next appointment. There are plenty of nice walks and cafés close by.

What happens in a session?

Devotional Tantra massage is a journey and from beginning to end. Everything prepares the body-mind to receive. Every stage is important, and the first stage prepares your mind and body to enter fully into the experience, which enables you to go progressively deeper. This is also about building rapport and trust between us.

When you arrive at the session you will be warmly welcomed, invited to kick off your shoes, switch off your phone and let go of any outside distractions. Sitting fully clothed in chairs facing each other, we will have a brief check-in to see how you are today and what brings you here. This is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

There will be a short meditation which will involve me speaking words to help you relax, experience your body, and settle into the moment. You don’t need any previous skills or experience of meditation.

We will establish your intentions, hopes, desires and fears for the massage today and also clarify where you do or don’t want to be touched, and how you would like to feel on leaving.

You will be offered a sarong to change into and you will be introduced to some simple foundational Tantric practices for self-connection and intimacy. We begin with a ‘Namaste’, which is a common form of greeting in yoga and Tantra.

There will be a standing devotional honouring ritual where you will be offered touch over your body to honour the sacredness of who you are, during which the sarong may be slowly removed.

You will be invited onto the massage couch in order to receive touch on the back of your body, later turning over to receive touch on the front of your body.

Throughout the experience you will be encouraged to work with your breath to enhance your experience and to occasionally make eye contact at various points during the journey. I will be observing and verbally checking in with you throughout the session and encouraging you to explore and express what does and doesn’t feel good for you.

Touch is varied in terms of pace, depth and sensation and will include other ‘items’ (such as feathers) to create a multi-sensory experience. More intimate touch is offered in situations where we have agreed this is suitable for you, based on our earlier discussions.

Towards the end of the session there will be an opportunity to rest before enjoying a closing Tantric ritual. We will close with another Namaste – this is a respectful traditional Tantric or Hindu greeting, which in this context means ‘I honour the divine in you … as you honour the divine in me’.

You will be invited to dress, and we will meet again where we began, seated opposite for a check-in or debrief on how the experience was for you, how you are now and what did you learn?

If you are wishing to take the option, you will receive an email or WhatsApp message within twenty-four hours following your session as a gesture of aftercare and for further sharing or questions about your experience.

We can then communicate further or book a call – there is no extra charge for this as it forms part of the session. This is also an opportunity to hear about other opportunities in working with me or how you might be able to grow your involvement in Tantra from here, either on your own or with a partner. There is also no expectation or pressure to respond if there is nothing further for you to say or if the session feels complete.

Irrespective of what is written here, every session can be different – this is not a one size fits all experience and indeed every session is different regardless of how many times you visit.

What if I really want to do this but can't afford it?

The bigger picture I have seen here, over and over again, is that we find money for what is important for us. If nothing changes nothing changes. You are investing in yourself, your desires and dreams, your pleasure and your healing…and you get to decide if that’s what you want to invest in.

If you are really stuck, contact me and tell me about your situation.

Does my partner need to know?

Yes and no…this depends on the circumstances around how you are accepted as a client. You as the person attending are the client and in all my work, client confidentiality is respected at all times.

However, if I believe this work is not suitable for you, or that it would be more appropriate for your partner to be attending with you, or if I have a different recommendation for you or your partner for any reason, I will let you know.

I am always working to be in support of intimate relationships as far as possible.

This is a personal decision for each person to make. While my encouragement is for transparency with your partner, I understand there can be many complex reasons why clients may not want to do share this. If you want guidance to discuss this with your partner, book a free consultation session with me. If you decide to keep your decision private, you will have found a freedom in talking about it first.

In Tantra we are moving towards openness and ease in the heart and body and all of my sessions are focused around this. Unresolved discomfort would be working against this.

My sessions are not an alternative to addressing any relationship issues you have. I have many tools in my toolktit to support you and will do my best to help you find what will serve you best at any stage of your journey.

What if I need to cancel?

I ask for a 50% deposit on booking with the balance to be paid on the day of the session. If a cancellation is made more than 48 hours before the start of the session, there is an option for a refund or to rebook.

If a cancellation is made within 48 hours of the session time, 25% of the full fee is charged, and within 24 hours 50% is charged.

If the session is cancelled on the day of the booking the full fee is payable. If you have a genuine emergency, please do let me know and let’s have a conversation.

See here for further information about Terms & Conditions, Privacy and Cancellation Policies.

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