Devotional Tantra Massage

Devotional Tantra Massage for Couples

Undoubtedly, making time in the modern world with all the things that call our attention is challenging for many, but putting your relationship at the top, or at least very high up, on your ‘To Do List’ is one of the best choices you can ever make.

This is why I have created this Tantric Session for couples.

In this session you will learn how to  give and receive Devotional Tantra Massage while learning simple tantric intimacy practices that bring you closer together as a couple.

Based on ancient wisdom and modern embodiment practices you will find you are on a journey of discovery, that is easy, effective and loving.

Shiva and Shakti

What to expect?

Couples who come along can expect:

❤️ A greater sense of relaxation, connection and intimacy with each other that extends beyond your physical time here

❤️ To experience the power of simple devotion

❤️ To learn techniques of Tantric erotic touch, and the power of presence

❤️ To learn practices to take away, so this doesn’t become ‘just another experience’

❤️ A handout by email to guide you at home

❤️ Ongoing support via a Zoom call within one month of your session

This means that you can build clarity and competence in order to keep growing and learning together.

Things You May Learn


❤️ Short, powerful practices to build intimacy and sexual attraction

❤️ How to set up sacred space

❤️ Hugging and holding ‘the other’

❤️ Eye gazing or mirror work for deep connection

❤️ How to give and receive feedback in a loving way

❤️ How to ‘read’ the body

❤️ Simple, powerful touch and bodywork for safety, love, and passion

❤️ Breathing fully and freely as a key to igniting energy in the body

❤️ Exploring, what is Energy…?

❤️ Yes, No, Maybe – How to discern what is really wanted by your partner

Gifting a rose

Come as You Are

Just in case you were wondering, you don’t need any previous experience of Tantra or massage and the session is designed specifically for YOU.

It can seem daunting to know where to start, so I make it as easy as 1, 2, 3:


❤️ Step 1. Book a Zoom call so we can all meet online to discuss your desires, wants and needs

❤️ Step 2. Arrange a date and a time for your couple’s session

❤️ Step 3. Come along together with open minds and open hearts


I take care of the venue, the resources, the content and BOTH OF YOU .

Check out what others have said about their experience of a couples session here.

Contact Harmony either by WhatsApp using the green button below right or by email at

Prices and Practicalities

The Tantric space is a sanctuary, quiet, private and set apart from the everyday world. Devotional Tantra Massage sessions are held near Totnes, South Devon, in a warm, cosy and safe space with free parking available nearby.

The investment for a Devotional Tantra Massage session for couples is £480 for a 3 hour session. Please enquire if you would like a session of more than 3 hours or for information about full day sessions.

Session times allow for introduction, discussing practicalities, setting intentions and clarifying boundaries. I also allow time for integration after the massage and space for sharing if desired.

Red Rose

Slide 1

“We were not entirely sure what it was we were seeking but we definitely found it!

Slide 2

“Thank you for providing us with exactly what we were looking for”

Slide 3

“I felt very at ease in your presence and was extremely grateful that you had taken the time to plan out a session tailored to our needs”

Slide 4

“The explanation for the session was clear so I knew exactly what lay ahead of us”

Slide 5

“I certainly did not feel uneasy taking my clothes off and definitely do not regret any of it!”

Slide 6

“We talked about the session and what we’d learnt from it … we both felt it to be an incredible experience”

Slide 7

“We thoroughly enjoyed our session with you and both left feeling really relaxed and sexually charged”

Red Rose

Book a Free 20 Minute Introductory Phone Call...


It’s really important, when choosing someone to work with in the area of sacred sexuality, coaching or bodywork, to find a practitioner that’s a really good fit for you, so you can fully relax into the process, knowing that you will be safe in your true and authentic self and able to express the parts of you that are wanting to be explored.

If we’ve not met before, or even if we have, I invite you to schedule a free 20 minute consultancy call with me to discuss your personal circumstances and feel into whether we are a good fit to work together. If you want more information about me first then click here…

Beating Heart

I strongly recommend that before booking your call you read the FAQ Page and “Is It Right For You?”  page.

To select a date and schedule a free 20 minute phone call with me just fill in the booking form via the button below. You will need to include your name, email address and phone number and add any particular requirements or questions in the notes section. 

When Was the Last Time?

If the booking is accepted you should receive an email confirming your booking date and time. Please call me on 07809 488993 at the agreed time.

Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

* If you can’t make any of the times shown then contact me by WhatsApp or email at the address shown at the bottom of this page.