Devotional Tantra Massage

Terms & Conditions - For Your Guidance and Information

These notes are for your guidance and information, to help you understand the nature of the services I offer, the conditions under which I offer these services and your responsibilities when attending a session.


Your Responsibilities in Booking and Attending a Session

Please note before booking a session that in attending a session with me you accept full responsibility for deciding that this is the right treatment or session for you, and for expressing your boundaries and consent in relation to the treatment provided.

You are also responsible for respecting the boundaries and consent communicated by the practitioner. By paying your deposit you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by these terms and conditions and cancellation policy.

If you know you will be late for your session please let Harmony know by email, text or WhatsApp as soon as possible (but NOT by voicemail). She will call or text you after 10 mins if you have not arrived. She will wait for up to 30 minutes to allow for unforeseen circumstances. However if no communication is received within 30 minutes of the start time of your session, the session will be considered as a no-show and the cancellation charges will apply (see ‘Booking & Cancellation Policy’ below).

No session will commence after 30 minutes without prior communication.

Full payment must be made either in advance or on arrival. No credit or post-session payments are permitted.


Important Things to Know About the Services I Offer and About Tantra

I am not a therapist or counsellor, and the provision of Tantric Services is an unregulated industry.

I will ask questions about your physical health in order to assess the suitability and safety (or otherwise) of the services I am willing to provide for you in relation to you and your personal circumstances. However, I am not medically trained, and you must take responsibility for your own well-being.

The massage sessions I provide are not a ‘happy ending’ or sexual service and are for those interested in personal growth. Tantra Massage is not an alternative to addressing intimacy issues in any relationship that you are in.

I take the issues around consent and boundaries very seriously. I rely on you the client to make informed choices about the services I offer and to take responsibility for clearly communicating your boundaries and consent.

The massage space is a sanctuary, quiet, private and set apart from the everyday world. Massage sessions are held in or near Totnes, South Devon, in a warm, cosy and safe space with free parking available within a short walking distance.

Massage sessions typically last between 2 and 3 hours but can be longer by agreement and depending on the services being provided.


Contraindications - Keeping it Safe for You

Some of the practices I offer may not be suitable when there are certain pre-existing health conditions – these are known as contraindications and I have included some important examples below.


We may explore practices that involve gentle breathwork to support embodiment and deep mind/body integration and to create a general sense of pleasure and goodness inside as well as other body-based practices.

I want to make sure that it’s safe for you to do so.

Certain types of breathwork are contraindicated if you experience:





• Or if you are pregnant

If any of these apply to you then I can offer modifications or alternative practices that will be safe for you. 

Consequently, it is important that prior to starting a session you inform me of any pre-existing health conditions which may potentially be relevant.

Empowered Choice and Voice - Agreement

By agreeing to come to a session, you understand that you are accepting responsibility for your own well-being and that you are able to participate in a safe and responsible way.

Although I will encourage you in empowered choice and voice throughout the session, you agree that you are ultimately responsible for your well-being.

You do not need to continue with a session or practice even if it is something you said you wanted at the beginning of the session. Making new choices or changes is welcome in the session. You should be aware that you are also responsible for letting me know if there is any particular additional support or encouragement that you need.

By agreeing to start the session, you are also confirming that you understand that I am not responsible for your mental or medical health, and you understand that you must consult with and get support from any outside health professional if necessary.

Please remember that while I work with mental, emotional, sexual, and physical health, nothing in this work should be taken as the practice of medicine or medical advice or a replacement for medical advice.

Privacy Policy

I take the privacy of my clients very seriously and respect that anything disclosed or occurring prior to, during or following massage sessions is to be treated in strictest confidence.

The only exception to this would be in situations where I felt that a client, or third party, was at serious risk of harm, in which case I would consider breaking confidentiality in order to protect that person’s safety or wellbeing.  Where possible I would always try to seek the client’s consent before doing so but, if the situation were serious or urgent enough, I might break confidentiality without consent or even, in very extreme cases, against the client’s wishes.

For more detailed information about our Privacy & Data policy click here.


Booking & Cancellation Policy

Please contact Harmony by email or WhatsApp to arrange an initial consultation or to book your session.

The email address is:

I aim to get back to you within 48 hours of your email, or within 72 hours over a weekend.

Please note that we ask for a 50% deposit on booking, with the balance to be paid by bank transfer on the day of the session. (If this payment method doesn’t work for you then let me know so we can discuss alternatives.) If a cancellation is made more than 48 hours before the start of the session, there is an option for a refund or to rebook.

For some of our longer bespoke sessions I may ask for full payment in advance of the day.

If a cancellation is made within 48 hours of the session time, 25% of the full fee is charged, and within 24 hours 50% is charged.

If the session is cancelled on the day of the booking the full fee is payable. If you have a genuine emergency, please do let me know and let’s have a conversation.


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