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'Talk It Through' Sessions for Men and Women

We all have “problems”, big and small, and that includes sexual problems or relationship issues. We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t have these at some time in our lives! But who to share them with? Our best mate? Significant other? Colleague? Parent? Boss? Doctor? Maybe, but a lot of people benefit from speaking to me first!

Resolution often begins by sharing our concerns with another person, about what’s happening, how we are feeling about it and what we would like to change.

Sexual challenges and relationship blocks can be opportunities. My ‘Talk it Through’ sessions can help you see these real opportunities for yourself. These sessions are usually 60 minute conversations and can be experienced either online or in person. 

In this way you can:

  • Share and be heard in a non-judgemental supportive space
  • Let the cat out of the bag and begin to relieve the stress and burden of carrying the issue
  • Look at desire-based solutions so you focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t have
  • Go away with at least one action you can take to improve your situation and with recommendations for books, articles, practitioners, or events that may help you on your journey – I am a mine of useful information!
  • Realise you are not alone in this, and that there is no shame in sexual issues

I am not a sex therapist, counsellor or psychologist. I draw on my living, learning and training experiences over the last 50 years on planet earth! If I feel you need something which is beyond what I can offer, I will always refer you on to other providers or resources which may be useful for you.

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Cost for a single 60-minute session is £85 and just £120 for a 1 1/2 hour session. A block of four 60-minute sessions costs just £240 when paid for in advance. *

Contact me by email at if you would like to know more.


* Please read terms and conditions.



£72 for a one-hour coaching session

or…£100 for a 1 1/2 hour coaching session

(Booking during July or August

for sessions taken up to the end of August)

'Clothes On' Coaching Sessions for Women

I offer two-hour ‘clothes on’ coaching sessions for women, either in person or online via zoom, where we will explore practices that you can try at home to heal old stories, amplify your sexual energy, and discover how to enjoy your body, both solo and with another.

Contact me by email at if you would like to know more.


Online Beginners Tantric Book Club for Women

This is a small closed group that runs twice a year. We meet weekly for 7-10 weeks online for 60-75 mins.

We read a chapter at home and then share our discoveries at the following week session.

Each session I will lead a short practice from the material as a well as hold embodied meditations to begin and end our group.

We will use group sharing but also break out rooms for more intimate shares.

You can also book online or in-person massage or coaching sessions with me for 50% off during the course of the group to enhance your healing, growth and pleasure. 

Sometimes we will hold a bonus Q and A with the author of the book for a transmission of what it’s really like to live while immersed in this work.

The Tantric Book Club is the most affordable way to work with me if you want to study and learn about Tantric practice and ways to elevate your intimacy.

The fee is £110 for a 7-10 week course and there are 12 spaces per group. 

To find out when the next group starts, or for more information, please contact me by email at or via WhatsApp.

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